This logbook format is like no other designed to meet the requirements of BS 5839-1.

A logbook designed by fire alarm professionals to be used by fire alarm professionals and their clients.

The issue of this logbook to the user is a simple and slick way to comply with the requirements of BS 5839-1 as this logbook provides documented guidance to the user in relation to:

  • recommendations for investigation of a fire alarm or fault signal
  • recommendations for the investigation of a false alarm
  • routine weekly and monthly testing
  • service and maintenance of the system in accordance with Section 6 of BS 5839-1
  • avoidance of false alarms
  • need to keep a clear space around all fire detectors and manual call points
  • need to avoid contamination of detectors during contractors activities
  • ensuring that changes to the building do not affect the standard of protection
  • other responsibilities as detailed within Section 7 of BS 5839-1

Ever considered how much time Service Engineers waste on site obtaining information they need to access the panel, engage with the alarm receiving centre, establish the system category?

The logbook contains many useful features that are additional to “standard logbooks” including methods to record system category, BAFE Compliance Certificate details, agreed variations to BS 5839, designed standby battery capacity, panel codes, alarm receiving centre codes, details of designer, installer, commissioner and maintainer and many more useful means for making record that make this logbook a really useful information station for the Service Engineer and the User.

The logbook even has a facility for making record of modifications to the system, changes to system category, changes of premises management, service contractor and alarm receiving centre details.


  • A4 by standard
  • High quality durable front and back cover
  • 32 pages


  • 1-2 working days

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