Number of labels 24
Label size 70mm x 20mm


Each label is designed to satisfy the requirements of the British Standards as described below. Installation Commissioning
BS 5839-1:2017 Clause 25.2f states…
Every isolator and protective device that can isolate the supply to the fire detection and fire alarm system, other than the main isolator for the building and where in the case of a switch (whether incorporating a protective device or not) that serves only the fire alarm circuit should be labelled “FIRE ALARM. DO NOT SWITCH OFF”.
BS 5839-6:2019 Clause 15.3b states…
Where the mains supply to the control and indicating equipment is supplied via an isolating protective device, the isolating device should be labelled “FIRE ALARM DO NOT SWITCH OFF”.


Your technicians will be prompted to apply this label in both our installation and commissioning checklists.

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