This TRADE-DOCS Online pack has been developed in partnership with CEF and tailored to the electrical contractor to improve technical compliance and business management & development.

Products included in the exclusive CEF Technical & Business Documentation Pack if bought via TRADE-DOCS directly would normally cost £1390.00, this pack is £495.00 for CEF customers. Download the product datasheet below to see exactly what’s included.

What is it?

  • An always accessible online portal.
  • Business documents including Health & Safety, Commercial & Employment.
  • Technical documents including Management Systems, Certificates, Checklists & Technical Reports.


  • Access to all products via an easy-to-use online dashboard.
  • Access for your full team with a simple user setup process.
  • Products customised with your company details and logo.

How to activate in 4 simple steps:

Step 1
Pick up a free Technical & Business documentation voucher (as pictured) from your local CEF branch. On the reverse of this is your redeemable discount code.
Step 2
Scan the QR code on the voucher or head over to and add this product to your basket and redeem your discount code in the checkout to reduce the price from £1390.00 to £495.00.


Step 3
Once you have made your purchase you will receive a welcome email and you complete a short onboarding process. Following this you will get access to all of your customised products.
Step 4
Towards the end of the first year, we will contact you to renew.


Product Data Sheet
Download Datasheet

Get a CEF discount code?

This TRADE-DOCS Online package is exclusively discounted to £495 for CEF customers. Discount codes can be picked up from your CEF wholesaler.

To purchase this pack for this discount price, simply add this product to your basket and enter your discount code in the coupon section of the checkout.