TRADE-DOCS Online is our new subscription-based offering, giving you access to all the documents you need in one safe and secure document portal, taking the worry out of ensuring your compliance documentation is up-to-date allowing you to get on with your job.

Our Design Consultant Plus pack contains all the certificates and reports for the following product groups:

  • BS 5266 Emergency Lighting – Design
  • BS 5839-1 Fire Detection & Fire Alarms for Non-Domestic Premises – Design
  • BS 5839-6 Grade A Fire Detection & Fire Alarms for Domestic Premises – Design
  • BS 5839-6 Grade D Fire Detection & Fire Alarms for Domestic Premises – Design
  • BS 5839-8 Voice Alarm Systems – Design
  • BS 5839-9 Emergency Voice Communication Systems – Design
  • BS 8629 Evacuation Alert Systems – Design
  • BAFE Compliant Template Management System for:
    • DS301 Grade D Fire Detection & Fire Alarm Systems in Domestic Premises
    • SP203-1 Fire Detection & Fire Alarm Systems in Non-Domestic Premises
    • SP203-4 Emergency Lighting Systems
    • SP207 Evacuation Alert Systems


  • Includes a unique discount code for 20% off ALL printed products
  • Automatic updates of all your certificates and reports based upon the latest updates to the British Standards
  • Access to all your products from a single easy-to-use online dashboard
  • Download your electronic certificates and reports customized with your company details and logo
  • Allow access to all online products for all your technicians with a simple user setup process
  • Notification and instant access to product updates and new products within your package

Additional Information

As our products are electronic they have no restrictions on the number of times they can be used.  Each product can be re-used an unlimited number of times as per your requirements.

Each electronic document is in a PDF format which can be viewed and edited on PCs, tablets, and smartphones.
We recommend the utilization of Adobe Acrobat Reader for PC, Mac, and Linux, which can be downloaded from:

For Tablets and Smart Phones, we recommend the utilization of the Adobe Reader App which can be downloaded from the relevant App store.

Download our product instruction guide for full details on how to use our electronic certificate and checklist products.

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