This bundle is for you if you install, commission, or maintain fire alarm systems, big or small, to BS 5839-1!

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In our industry Compliance + Professionalism = Success

  • Are your competitors generating more business than you?
  • Are you or your team compliant every time?
  • Are you issuing documents in a standardised format?
  • Are you paying each time you raise a certificate?

What’s included in this bundle:

100 x Custom Fire Detection & Fire Alarm Logbooks (View Product)

One of our most popular products, this logbook satisfies the requirements of BS 5839-1 which states that a logbook in which all events, including fire alarm signals, fault signals, system tests and maintenance visits, can be recorded. Designed by fire alarm experts, our logbooks cover everything required by the British Standards and much more so you can be assured when issued to your customers, you are issuing a compliant and up-to-date useful document designed with your company logo and brand on the cover.

BS 5839-1 Certificate, Checklist, and Technical Reporting Value Pack (View Product)

Whether you’re designing, installing, commissioning, or maintaining to the recommendations of BS 5839-1, you’ll be issuing your customers with documentation. Our flagship product contains every document required for this purpose. Issue your customers a professional and consistent set of certificates and reports branded with your company information that can be easily filled in on laptops and tablets.

Contains the following smart pdf’s:

  • BS 5839-1 Design Certificate
  • BS 5839-1 Verification Certificate
  • BS 5839-1 Fire Detection & Fire Alarm Standby Power Supply Capacity Design Record
  • BS 5839-1 Installation Certificate
  • BS 5839-1 Installation Checklist
  • BS 5839-1 Commissioning Certificate
  • BS 5839-1 Commissioning Checklist
  • BS 5839-1 Fire Detection & Fire Alarm System Standby Power Supply Capacity Verification Record
  • BS 5839-1 Acceptance Certificate
  • BS 5839-1 Inspection & Servicing Certificate
  • BS 5839-1 Inspection & Servicing Checklist
  • BS 5839-1 Modification Certificate
  • BS 5839-1 Mains Power Supply Certificate
  • BS 5839-1 Mains Power Supply Checklist
  • BS 7273-4 Release Mechanism For Door Commissioning Certificate
  • BS 7273-4 Schedule of Variations
  • BS 7273-6 Interface with Ancillary Systems Commissioning Certificate
  • BS 7273-6 Interface with Ancillary Systems Servicing Certificate
  • BS 5839-1 Fire Detection & Fire Alarm Schedule of Cable Test Results
  • BS 5839-1 Schedule of Variations
  • BS 5839-1 Special Inspection Report
  • FDFA System Specification – Non-Domestic Premises
  • Engineer Report Sheet
  • Job Sheet