Our electronic packs contain a range of certificates and reports that are designed to assist your company in compliance to the British Standard for evacuation alert systems.

Our products are customised with your company branding on the header including your company name, address information, contact details and company logo.

As our products are electronic they have no restrictions on the number of times they can be used.  Each product can be re-used an unlimited number of times as per your requirements.

Includes the following packs…

  • BS 8629 Design Pack
  • BS 8629 Installation Pack
  • BS 8629 Commissioning Pack
  • BS 8629 Maintenance Pack
  • BS 8629 Modification Pack

Additional Information

Each electronic document is in a PDF format which can be viewed and edited on PC’s, tablets and smart phones.
We recommend the utilisation of Adobe Acrobat Reader for PC, Mac and Linux, which can be download from: http://get.adobe.com/uk/reader/

For Tablets and Smart Phones we recommend the utilisation of the Adobe Reader App which can be downloaded from the relevant App store.
Download our product instruction guide for full details on how to use our electronic certificate and checklist products.