This logbook format is like no other designed to meet the requirements of BS 7346-8.

A logbook designed by fire alarm professionals to be used by fire alarm professionals and their clients.

The issue of this logbook to the user is a simple and slick way to comply with the requirements of BS 7346-8 as this logbook provides documented guidance to the user in relation to:

  • details of those responsible for the smoke control system
  • details of maintenance arrangements
  • routine weekly and monthly testing
  • details of all fires to which the system responds
  • details of types of faults and defects
  • service and maintenance of the system in accordance with Section 9 of BS 7346-8
  • other responsibilities as detailed within Section 4 of BS 7346-8


  • A4 by standard
  • High quality durable front and back cover


  • TBC

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