A5 high-quality durable guide designed to provide the occupier with sufficient information regarding the Grade D mains-powered fire detection and fire alarm system installed within their home.

It is essential that the occupier of the premises, which might mean all occupiers in the case of a house of multiple occupation (HMO), understand the operation of the system installed within their dwelling, the action to be taken in the event of a fire alarm, how to avoid false alarms, procedures for testing the system and the need for routine maintenance.

It is of utmost importance that a warning is provided to the householder that informs them that children might not be woken by fire alarm tones and that children are never left alone in a dwelling, families rehearse a fire escape plan and that it is a priority that any sleeping children are woken immediately and taken to a safe place outside the property. The householder should also understand that the fire and rescue service should always be called without delay no matter how small the fire.

It is normally the responsibility of the installer of the smoke and heat alarms to provide all of this information and more, but in rented properties where there is a change in occupation then it is likely to be the responsibility of the landlord.

Our Home Occupier Guide provides a cost-effective and practical way to satisfy the issue of user information clause within BS 5839-6 by the issue of a single booklet.


  • A5 by standard
  • High quality durable front and back cover
  • 12 pages


  • 1-2 working days

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