This logbook format is like no other designed to meet the requirements of BS 5266-1.

A logbook designed by emergency lighting professionals to be used by emergency lighting professionals and their clients.

The issue of this logbook to the user is a simple and slick way to comply with the requirements of BS 5266-1 as this logbook provides documented guidance to the user in relation to:

  • Reference Data
  • Service / Maintenance Contract Information
  • System Classification (and following modification)
  • Explanations of Emergency Lighting System Classifications and Technologies
  • Requirements for the Illumination of Points of Emphasis
  • Emergency Lighting System Access Codes
  • Installed Luminnaire Schedule
  • Expendable Component Replacement Period
  • User Responsibilities
  • Details of changes to the building
  • Routine Attention Requirements
  • Record sheets for Daily, Monthly and Annual Inspections
  • Inspection of Centralised Control Panel & Power Supply Indicators Test Sheets
  • Fault Action Record Sheets


  • A4 by standard
  • High quality durable front and back cover
  • 32 pages


  • 1-2 working days

Product Data Sheet

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