This is our Template Management System Plugin designed to meet the requirements of BAFE SP203-4 Scheme for the Design, Installation, Commissioning and Handover & Maintenance of Emergency Lighting Systems.

The management system is designed in a modular format so that you can tailor it to suit your business activities by removing any unrelated elements i.e. if your organisation does not provide a maintenance service the procedures, registers and forms relating to maintenance can be easily removed from the manual.

Combined with our Base Template Management System, this is a comprehensive management system plugin designed to work and synergise with our BS 5266 Certification, Checklist, Label & Logbook products to provide a complete solution to your quality management and technical reporting requirements in accordance with the BAFE SP203-4 Scheme.

This management system is supplied in a template format using Microsoft Word and Excel document formats which can be easily edited and adapted to the specific requirements of your business, providing an easy solution to input your company logo, company name, personnel that hold key responsibilities and document references.

Contains the following products:

  • Procedure for design for emergency lighting
  • Procedure for installation for emergency lighting
  • Procedure for commissioning for emergency lighting
  • Procedure for maintenance for emergency lighting
  • Procedure for BAFE Scheme verification

Additional Information

Covering the specific elements of the BAFE SP203-4 Scheme for Emergency Lighting.

This Management System Plugin must be purchased alongside our “Base Template Management System” to ensure your management is compliant for the BAFE SP203-4 Scheme.