Our management systems provide you with the tools you need in order to satisfy the management system requirements of your chosen BAFE scheme.

Management Systems

What is a Management System?

A management system is a set of policies, processes, procedures and methods of making record. Management systems are used by an organisation to ensure that it can fulfil the tasks required to achieve its objectives based upon the requirements of a certificating body that operates the scheme an organisation is assessed towards.

Why are they needed?

In order to comply with certification bodies such as BAFE or MCS, an organisation must operate an effective documented management system.

Features & Benefits

Our template management system products are modular which means you can purchase only the products you require in order to be compliant against the relevant scheme requirements your company works towards.

Our Base Template Management System is compliant to the common elements of BAFE management system requirements.

You can then top up your Management System with additional extras that cater for the following schemes:

  • BAFE SP203-1 for Fire Detection & Fire Alarm
  • BAFE SP203-4 for Emergency Lighting Systems
  • BAFE SP207 for Evacuation Alert Systems
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